OpenTEAM In-Depth – Going the last mile in Malawi: digital transformation of soil knowledge and agronomic advice

Sieg Snapp, Professor, Soils and Cropping Systems Ecologist, Michigan State University and Associate Director of the Center for Global Change and Earth Observations
Regis Chikowo, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Systems, Michigan State University and Associate Professor, University of Zimbabwe
Dan TerAvest, Co-Founder, Our-Sci (creator of Survey Stack)

About the talk:
Direct from the field comes an example of empowerment: farmers and extension educators in Malawi are working with the Michigan State University Africa RISING team and Our-Sci, supported by OpenTeam. We are predicting off-line soil carbon on over a thousand fields. Women and men farmers are gaining first-hand information and agronomic advice about field soil carbon status, where to apply fertilizer, and how to improve soil health. Sustainable soil management is being transformed. This experience with human-centered design and Our-Sci generated handheld digital technologies offer novel opportunities for future carbon offset investments in the form of soil carbon maps for Malawi that reflect localized knowledge and farming practices.

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OpenTEAM In-Depth – Remote Sensing Methods for Measuring Soil Organic Carbon at the Field Scale

Presenters: Sam Bennetts, Gisel Booman, & Sophia Leiker from ReGen Network As innovation continues to drive improvements in soil sampling technologies, methods used to monitor ecosystem health are constantly changing. New methods to quantify soil carbon and other soil health indicators using remote sensing technologies have emerged. This presentation will give an overview of remote sensing technologies and provide an example of how they can be applied with Regen Network’s remote sensing approach to quantify soil organic carbon using satellite imagery and minimum ground truth data. The presentation will be followed by a short Q&A around all things remote sensing.

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