OpenTEAM In-Depth – CoMakery with Noah Thorp

CoMakery is a platform that serves as a community for building projects together and earning shares in future revenues. CoMakery envisions a future of distributed individuals pooling their talents to accelerate development of digital projects, while being fairly paid for their efforts. The startup believes talented people from all backgrounds can come together to help bring ambitious projects to life, while earning tokens in proportion to the work they have contributed. Fair pay, with a stake in the upside. CoMakery is shaped by the goals of democratizing access to opportunity, creating equity for individual contributors, and building tribes to efficiently deliver on ambitious, mission-driven projects. Noah Thorp, the Founder of CoMakery, will present this week’s in-depth. Previously, he co-founded a holacratic blockchain prototyping studio. He was the VP of Engineering at Nasdaq Private Market.

About the In-Depth Webinar Series: Our goal with this in-depth webinar series is to build the knowledge base of the OpenTEAM community in a way that fosters coherence and collaboration so that we can better serve our diverse membership. We will feature new presenters each time within and outside of our community.

Through this we hope to:
• Illustrate and document the dynamic nature of our community in support of community strengthening and expansion.
• Inspire and share new concepts and technologies that enable the emergence of new collaborations and technology approaches.

Themes include: Member or Partner Profiles, Tech Dives, High-level Tech Orientations, and Financing the Ag Data Commons. Each presentation will last one hour with around 45 minutes for a presentation and 15 minutes for questions. All presentations will be recorded and posted on this page. We will let you know in advance who will be presenting and change the particular occurrence to include the name/organizational profile of the presenter.