GOAT 2024

GOAT 2024

August 30th is the last day to register for GOAT 2024!

GOAT 2024 will be a 5 day gathering of diverse developers and users of open ag technology. Technology is broadly defined, and includes both traditional hardware and software, but also mechanical tools (tractors, implements, etc.) and any domains relating to the creation of that hardware (intellectual property + open licenses, data management, model development, etc.).


For the motivations behind GOAT, see the About GOAT page.

This third in-person gathering will reconvene the open ag tech community to meet, learn, share, and formalize our common vision for creating open technologies for our food system.

Much of this gathering will have an unconference format so that the topics discussed are derived directly from the values and needs of the attendees. During the unconference format, members of the ag tech community will “take off their institutional hats” and participate simply as members of the open-ag-tech community. The objectives of structured components of the gathering include completing our community manifesto, introducing the governance structure and begin nominations for the biannual board, creating a curriculum for how to engage in work within the community, and scheduling future hackathons. Finally, we will have a demo session in which attendees “put their institutional hats back on.”

The last two days of the conference are designated for co-working. This time is for attendees to start working on actionable items inspired by the conference or enabled by the conference because we are all co-located! More details about co-working days, and how to sign up to host an activity can be found in the program and application form.


Applications close – Deadline passed but rolling applications may still be accepted pending space and funding –> Apply Now!

Acceptance Notices – Rolling acceptances through August 30, 2024

Full program available – August 9th 2024.

Conference – Mon – Friday, November 4th – November 8th, 2024. Registration + Soft Opening + Lodging on Sunday, November 3rd.


The 2024 conference will be held at the beautiful Paicines Ranch.

Who should apply?

Apply Here! We’re looking for people who are actively engaged in open hardware and software for agriculture as developers, users, inventors, tinkerers and thinkers who can contribute to growing the community and movement. This event is for people working in all different forms of ag tech, from farmers/DIYers to academic research and industrial R&D. Let us know who you are, why you want to attend, and your vision for open ag tech! Forward this application to people you think would be great additions to the GOAT community. We hope to select a combination that will best represent the diversity of projects in the open ag tech movement. Note on GOAT 2024 demographic goals: In the application form we are asking about demographics because we are working to make GOAT 2022 as representative of the movement as possible, democratic and equitable. What do we mean by equitable? Check out this visual reference to equality vs. equity. While we are accepting applications from outside North America, we cannot provide extensive support for complex visa applications. Be aware that you are responsible for paperwork related to getting to the US if accepted. We hope to make the conference more international in the future as we have more organizers and more funding.

What is the cost?

We don’t have any major grants backing us. As such we are encouraging those who can afford to pay for registration to do so. Registration includes lodging, but not travel. We will be creating a small donation pool to provide travel offsets for those who cannot afford registration. The registration tiers are as follows:

  • Full cost-applicant (e.g., folks with funding from industry, gov, academia): $700 registration
  • Reduced cost-applicant (e.g., folks with limited funding): $500 registration
  • Need-based no-cost applicant: $0 registration
  • Need-based no-cost applicant (US only): $0 registration + I need travel support

You have the option to bring family members for the week ($700/week/per person). We hope this makes it easier for everyone to participate in hack sessions after the conference without messing up family schedules. If you are a reduced-cost or need-based application, please contact us to inform us you need support for this as well: goatech.org@gmail.com. If you or your organization has the means to sponsor a need-based no-cost applicant, please see our sponsorship memo.

Can I get involved / volunteer before the conference?

Yes! We will be posting pre-conference activities and volunteer positions in August 2024. See the forum for details. If you have ideas or suggestions on programming (speakers, activities, nearby locations to visit, etc.) that you think are a great fit, please contact: goatech.org@gmail.com! We are still actively setting the program and activities.

Who is organizing GOAT 2024?

The organizing committee for GOAT 2024 is:

  • Ankita Raturi, Purdue University
  • Greg Austic, OurSci
  • Juliet Norton, Purdue University
  • Paul Weidner, FarmOS

Can I help support or sponsor GOAT 2024?

Yes, as a community-led organization your support keeps us going!  If you are interested in supporting or sponsoring GOAT 2024, please contact: goatech.org@gmail.com.