GOAT 2022 Team / Coworking Days

The last two days of the conference (Thursday and Friday) are designated for co-working. This time is for attendees to start working on actionable items inspired by the conference or enabled by the conference because we are all co-located! To reduce conflicts, we would like you to let us know in advance if you intend hosting a meeting or activity.


Interested? When you apply, mark that you want to run a Team Session and tell us how many people you’re bringing.

Here’s some activities you could organize –>

    • Brainstorm Ideas: get other enthusiastic GOAT people to workshop an idea
    • Design / Feature Reviews: get other tuned-in GOAT people to help with a user journey, community or process you’re struggling with
    • Launch a thing: use this opportunity to launch a new product or thing!
    • Have a retreat: a chance for your team to connect IRL.
    • Figure it out on the fly: you may want to wait until you’ve met other attendees to decide what to focus on – no problem! You can decide when you get there.

Some confirmed Team Day orgsOpenTEAM, Our Sci, FarmOS, and AXILab (Purdue)

Cost – We ask that your attendees pay the full registration price and encourage you to make an optional donation of $500-$1000, depending on number of days you want to host your meeting and how many people you anticipate attending, to offset the costs associated with meeting space and resource requirements.

Questions? Email us and we’ll figure it out!

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