GOAT Webinar Series ā€“ 02 ā€“ Matt Droter of ROS Agriculture

Huzzah! We present to you a chat with Matt Droter of the Robot Operating Systems Agriculture group (ROS Agriculture).

Matt Droter is the founder of ROS Agriculture, an ecosystem to empower farmers with robotic tools. Back in college at Utah State, he raised many generations of wheat on a 10 sq ft plot, harvesting with scissors and turning part of his bounty into bread and bootleg beer. He was forced into robotics due to his adverse reaction to actual work, the best part of his job is watching farmer’s freak out when they see tractors driving themselves.

For more on ROS Agriculture, please visit:
Website: http://rosagriculture.org/
Slack: http://rosagriculture.slack.com/
GitHub: https://github.com/ros-agriculture
Twitter: @ROSAgriculture
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnr6AObsHnHSGPge0HVlBpA

GOAT Webinar Series – 01 – Greg Austic of Our-Sci

This first installment of the GOAT Webinar Series was hosted by Dorn Cox, and featured guest Greg Austic of Our-Sci.

Greg is an open technology advocate and one of three cofounders of Our Sci. His mission expand our shared public information pool so anyone can freely and without restriction collaborate to solve problems and create new cool stuff. He’s based out of Ann Arbor MI.

For more information about Our Sci, visit: http://blog.our-sci.net/